Banana Tigernut Mini MuffinsBy Amber L.Moist, delicious and sweet, these dense tigernut muffins are a lovely breakfast or brunch treat. To make more desserty, add 2 additional TBS maple syrup
Tigernut Pumpkin Mini MuffinsBy Amber L.It's hard to be AIP and Low-Fodmap and be able to enjoy sweets. These lovely fall-spiced pumpkin muffins use tigernut and arrowroot as low-fodmap flours and maple syrup as a low-fodmap sweetener. They are a lovely, light autumn treat.
Tigernut Flour BrowniesBy Amber L.These low-carb and low-fodmap brownies are a delicious treat for anyone but especially wonderful for those of us who are keeping carbs down and avoiding gassy foods. For those of you who are low-fodmap, limit yourself to only 2 servings at a time.