CHEETO-ronnesBy Amber L.Do you miss Cheetos? I do! This easy to prepare snack is a crowd pleaser. Sprinkle some pork rinds with oil, nutritional yeast and some salt and you are ready to go!
Lemon Artichoke “Hummus”By Amber L.Lovely smooth and tangy hummus alternative. Goes great with homemade pita chips, fresh cut veggies, or cassava chips.
Salmon TonnatoBy Amber L.Rich and creamy salmon dip. Serve with sliced zucchini, cucumbers, and carrots for an appetizer or over salad for a filling main course.
Thai “Peanut” SauceBy Amber L.This rich, and slightly sweet and tangy sauce is a nice AIP alternative to Thai peanut sauce. Serve as a dipping sauce with sliced vegetables or drizzled over steamed vegetables and cauliflower rice for a Thai-themed meal.