Stracciatella SoupBy Amber L.Stracciatella means “torn to rags or tatters,” which describes this soup made with shredded chicken, grated carrots and greens. This soup was inspired from the Moosewood Restaurant cooking book, which has a non-AIP version of this soup
Instant Pot Shredded ChickenBy Amber L.Tender shredded chicken is easy peasy in the instant pot! Use tasty shredded chicken in lettuce wraps, salads, burrito bowls, chicken salad, etc.
Chicken SaladBy Amber L.This easy chicken salad recipe uses leftover chicken for a great recipe remix idea. Serve your chicken salad over leafy greens for a lunch salad option or inside lettuce leaves for a fun lettuce wrap. This chicken salad is nice and creamy while also providing a satisfying crunch with the chopped radish and carrots. The grapes add a lovely added layer of sweetness. If you are low fodmap, only have 1 serving as avocado is only compliant in small quantities.
Chicken & Veggie SoupBy Amber L.Simple chicken and vegetable soup, with loads of low-FODMAP veggies. Daikon radishes are a nice substitute for potatoes to add bulk and texture. Great for lunch or dinner accompanied with a side salad for a full meal.