Banana Tigernut Mini MuffinsBy Amber L.Moist, delicious and sweet, these dense tigernut muffins are a lovely breakfast or brunch treat. To make more desserty, add 2 additional TBS maple syrup
Tigernut Carrot Cake MuffinsBy Amber L.These muffins are awesome! They are slightly sweet for a nice breakfast treat. Or they can easily be made sweeter by subbing more maple syrup in place of water and adding in more raisins. These muffins have a lovely texture, hold together perfectly, and have a slight chewiness reminiscent of the gluten-ful treats we avoid but would like to enjoy again.
Tigernut Pumpkin Mini MuffinsBy Amber L.It's hard to be AIP and Low-Fodmap and be able to enjoy sweets. These lovely fall-spiced pumpkin muffins use tigernut and arrowroot as low-fodmap flours and maple syrup as a low-fodmap sweetener. They are a lovely, light autumn treat.
Mushroom GravyBy Amber L.Quick, easy and absolutely delicious. I'm from the south and I missed mushrooms and gravy painfully! This creamy mushroom gravy pairs well with AIP biscuits for a lovely biscuits and gravy breakfast treat.
Sausage Veggie Breakfast HashBy Amber L.Delicious stir fried veggies with pre-cooked sausage topped with avocado makes for a decadent, quick and easy breakfast. Stores well in the fridge for several days so you can make a big batch and enjoy it throughout the week.
Apple Cinnamon MuffinsBy Amber L.These sweet and chewy muffins are a perfect breakfast treat for the fall season.